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Our Youth Mentorship Programs are designed to provide young people with skills that will, not only assist them cope more effectively with early critical developmental challenges, but also easily integrate them into the aspirations of the community in such a way as to provide a conducive environment for both their positive development, and the creation of more opportunities for their self-actualization. We believe that this will allow them to have more positive experiences, become productive members of their communities and provide them with the skills needed to become successful in their future endeavors.

We now know, based on both scientific proof and empirical evidence, that many young adults more easily slide into anxiety and depression when trying to navigate life on their own; often feeling like the ‘dots of living’ are not connecting for them. We have made it our job, not only to listen to these young people, but to also provide a safe and secure place for them to be heard, thereby helping them navigate their paths to success.

Our Mentorship programs are based on individual needs and goals. Sometimes the route is direct, yet at other times, it can take tortuous twists and unexpected turns. Since we are sincerely motivated to help our youth, we are also inspired to truly focus on what works for them, while simultaneously learning from what blocks them individually. This way, we are able to competently help the youth establish long-lasting change, and as self-aware individuals, to create internal harmony, and maintain long-lasting and enriching inter-human relationships.

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