Early Childhood Development

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Sibling’s Keeper provides youth with safe havens where they can learn and socialize, and, more importantly, realize who they truly are and who they can ultimately become. Our sincere goal is to develop true leadership potential in our youth through their participation in educational and recreational activities.

Children in the rural areas of developing nations often have less access to school-based creative arts and recreational programs. Additionally, the socioeconomic plight of poor families often conspire against parents having the time, energy, or skills to engage in play with their children. Yet, play is important for the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development of children. In addition to being critical for general health, play develops life and communication skills in children.

That is why we provide a balance of play and structured activities, including story time, individual reading assignments and monologues based on book themes. Youth who are reading below acceptable standards will get the assistance they need to improve at this critical skill. One-on-one attention is rendered by volunteers, while younger participants who are not yet reading on their own can avail themselves of reading groups.

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